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Kolu on energy within humans - The Hindu

Kolu on energy within humans - The Hindu

Kolu on energy within humans

T. Madhavan
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Crystals of different kinds depict the cosmic values of life at the thematic kolu organised by R. Badrinarayanan, a Pallavaram resident.Photo: M. Srinath.
Crystals of different kinds depict the cosmic values of life at the thematic kolu organised by R. Badrinarayanan, a Pallavaram resident.Photo: M. Srinath.
T. Madhavan
There are some people who don’t mind going the extra mile to display their creativity when it is Navaratri time.
At R. Badrinarayanan’s house in Pallava Gardens, Old Pallavaram, the family has worked together to represent in their artistic display the positive energy within human beings. The womenfolk of the household ideate a theme every year and they have been setting up kolu for the past 15 years.
He and his wife, Jayalakshmi, have come out with themes like conservation of energy and a slice of village life. This year’s theme is called ‘Cosmica Mano Saha.’
Together they have highlighted how a human being can learn from the nature. They have also displayed several crystals which reflect the lights falling on them. ‘Salagramams’ of different sizes symbolising the life of the stone and the man also find a place in the kolu. The sacred stone is worshipped by the devotees of Vishnu. It represents six values of life, righteous living, wealth, protection, good health, pleasures and spiritual blessing.
Mr. Badrinarayanan has also depicted Shakthi as the cosmic energy and shown Pantheon of Gods as having stemmed from her.
The celestial deity with sharp features has been beautifully ornamented and decked up. He and his wife spend time making dolls and painting on the plate.
Another section of the kolu depicts ‘Life Solving Ancient Technologies,’ which helps understand how to fulfil ones desires. “We live to fulfil our desires and be happy. But it does not always happen. We need a divine guiding force for the same, for which we need positive energy within us. We need to keep our body and soul clean and live with nature to enjoy a stress-free life,” says the 54 year old Mr. Badrinarayanan, who can be reached on 95515 55898/ 92822 00856.

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